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  • Every Day we see the loss of life due to various accidents in metro cities involving Fire as main cause.

    The vertical growth of Mumbai city has also added the vows to FIREFIGHTER to fight the fire effectively at such heights with restricted equipment and resources.

    Lotus Business Building fire incident in Andheri is latest fire Incident. This Course will help you to learn basic of Emergency Management, fire Traiangle, On Site Emergency plan, Mock drill, Risk Management, Disaster Management.

  • Diploma in Administration and Facility Management

    Organizations worldwide are realizing the importance of efficient infrastructure and facilities Management. This realization has lead way to the ever expanding horizon of Corporate Administration and Facility Management, where competent professionals help organizations to focus on their core competency while effectively managing their facilities.

    Today, Facility Management is an evolving industry encompassing staffing solutions, house-keeping, pest control, waste management, infrastructure maintenance and many more need-based services. With the corporates increasingly opting for a separate Administration and Facility Management vertical, either in house or outsourced, the requirement for trained DAFM professional is increasing exponentially.

  • Diploma in Fire and Safety Management.

    • To Provide Knowledge of fire prevention,protection against fire and fire fighting process along with safety science are very important to prevent loss of life and property.
    •  To teach student about the legal rules and regulations coming under different acts related with fire services, procedure for investigation adopted during different disaster.
    •  To Provide knowledge which will be helpful in actual fire operations and in calculation hazard evaluation and their suppression techniques.
    • Adopting maintenance, stowage,standard test of equipment and appliances practices periodically which increase the efficiency of fire service.

    After completing the course you will be able to work as 

    Fire Officer, Fire Warden, Fire Risk Assessor, Fire fighter 

  • Security Management is a broad management field encompassing the security of a business’s human and physical resources and assets. Management tools and strategies are used to classify assets, identify potential risks or threats, and to plan and implement measures of safety, security, control, and loss prevention. The courses will see all relevant secuirty scenerio of Indian continent.

    The course will benefit anyone seeking professional recognition and qualification within / outside  the security sector at Fresher, middle and senior management levels. The course is open to all those who operate within the private and public sectors any in field and want to change over to Admin/ Securty area. 

    Work in security management. After taking our training course in managing security you will have sufficient knowledge to apply for a job in the security services. You could apply for a variety of roles in the security services, from security officer, starting at up to Rs.2.00 lakh per annum, to a security management professional in a private business.

    Gain a promotion. Already working in security management? You could take a step up the career ladder to a security director role or that of a chief security officer. You could even be eligible for a pay increase.

    Start your own business. Want to be your own boss? You could start your own private company providing security services or security management consulting.

  • All of us very much apprehensive about attending any Interview. We have deviced a short course to make you confident to attend any interview with success.The main points covered will be :

    • How to write your CV
    • How to dress up for interview
    • How to attend interview
    • what soft skill required for interview
    • How to improve your listening skill
  • This course is designed to engage students in security services business. There is no laid out course for the students who wants to make seceuity as their Career. This online course with help you to learn at your own pace and forge ahead in professional life. This industry is not showing any slack and ever grwoing due to global trends.

  • we are imparting online coaching, mentoring, mock test,exams and regular online feedback. This will ensure 100% confidence and readiness in you to compete further in coming exams.The course will cover reasoning, English language,computer knowledge,numerical ability and general awareness.